София и Вадим


Сватбен организатор: Ирина Ретунская

Дизайн и флористика: Анна Земцова

Фотограф: Юлия Маринова

Видеограф: Сергей Щеглов

Локация: Utopia Forest

Sofia & Vadim


If you dream of a wedding where everything will be perfect, you should get in touch with Inside Wedding.


Irina helped us organise the wedding from start to finish, beginning with choosing the venue and ending with closing all the final details and wrap up following two days of celebration. The organisation of every stage of the process was carried out with professionalism, love, and care. Irina became our true friend and a reliable partner whom we could trust completely.


Irina also helped us choose the location remotely, but it was perfectly suited to us. In our case, it was a magical location - Utopia Forest, as if it were created especially for us.


We also received assistance in choosing all the contractors: a photographer, videographer, stylists, DJ, host, live music, and a confectioner. Each of the contractors fully met our expectations and showed a great deal of flexibility (both at the planning stage and on the day).


We received magnificent photos and a fantastic video, and the music created an atmosphere where all the guests simply couldn't stay in their seats.


The stylists deserve special thanks. Several stylists worked on the premises, allowing many guests to also get the services they desired. It was a unique service that we had not seen at other weddings. Irina developed a detailed schedule and sent it to each guest, allowing every lady to know when and where to come for hairstyling or makeup. I want to separately thank the stylist, Inna, who worked with me. Without fittings and prior communication, she created the perfect hairstyle and makeup of my dreams. It was the first time in my life when all my wishes were realised on the first try.


The entire wedding day was planned to the minute, and the script was well worked out by Irina, host Andrei, and DJ Ivan. Irina and Anna were on the site from the early morning, overseeing all the processes, which gave us confidence and allowed us to enjoy the wedding without worrying about organisational matters.


Inside Wedding has a rule: your wedding day is your day of happiness, not a day of organisation and stress. And it works perfectly.


Irina also provided concierge service and helped accommodate more than 45 guests at the Utopia Forest hotel. She stayed in touch with them, helped them prepay for their stay, choose flights and dates, and organise transportation for those who needed it, including welcoming guests arriving on the wedding day.


It is important to note Irina's ability to listen to her clients and consider all our wishes, not offering simpler or standard options. I also want to emphasise Irina's ability to take on all wedding tasks. She will never shift responsibility to others and always treats every detail with special attention. If it is important to you, Irina will listen to you and do everything in her power.


I also want to separately thank our fantastic florists and decorators working under Anna's guidance. Anna did an amazing job with the decorations and flowers. Our decorations, especially the wedding arch and ceremony decorations, were true works of art. All the flowers were ordered to our liking and left an incredible impression. It was a complex process with live flowers, but for Anna, there are no impossible tasks.


Inside Wedding realised all our dreams, creating an unforgettable wedding. The evening ceremony, complex script, unique decorations, exquisite food and drinks, concierge service for guests, assistance at every stage of the organisation, supervision of the entire wedding process, and many other details were organised without stress and with constant optimism.


Working with Inside Wedding was one of our main and best strategic decisions when organising the wedding. Thank you very much for our dream wedding and the best day of our lives! We look forward to our wedding anniversary and will organise it with you again!