Евелин и Йеруан.

Сватба на Северното Черноморие в България, Голф клуб Лайтхауз.

Една лека и непринудена сватба без стандарти и клишета.

Две култури - българска и холандска.

Церемония на два езика, майсторски клас по български народни танци за гостите, затрогващи тостове, много песни и танци.

Каним ви да чуете гласът на любовта при тази двойка и да видите най-очарователната усмивка на Евелин.

Приятно гледане!



On the 24 July 2021 was our magical wedding day which we could fully enjoy thanks to Irina and the team of professionals she brought together. So how did we get there?

When Jeroen and I got engaged, we knew that we wanted to work with a wedding planner because we wanted to get married at the seacoast of Bulgaria, while we live in the Netherlands, but also because we wanted to enjoy the process of planning our wedding day rather than to stress about coordinating everything ourselves.

A year in advance of our wedding we started researching for some wedding planners in Bulgaria. For our Dutch guests I knew that a Bulgarian wedding will be completely different than what they are used to, but I wanted to make the day more exciting for our Bulgarian guests too. That’s when we found Inside weddings. What grabbed me immediately was that in the photos from previous weddings on the website there was a big emphasize on the beauty of the surrounding nature rather than on the decorations (which were also beautiful but not overpowering), and the fact that the weddings looked very intimate even when there were many guests.

After we contacted Irina, she replied quickly and suggested to have a video call. During the first meeting she presented an overview of the things she could do for us. We immediately got a good feeling about her and the level of professionalism, so the decision was easy to make. The preparations started for real.

As the months passed Irina gave us homework so now and then to discuss in the next meeting. There was an online folder with all details and agenda of the wedding planning, which made tracking the progress easy. Since with Jeroen we are busy working full time Irina was always flexible to meet on a call in the times convenient to us. We met each other once in person when we visited Bulgaria the year before our wedding and the rest of the time we met online due to the distance. When we traveled from the Netherlands to Bulgaria for holiday and to see the wedding location we were able to meet in real for the first time. Again we got a really good feeling about her and her professionalism. She found time to come with us to our wedding location, even though she had a wedding the next day.

What I really loved was that Irina and Anna (who made the beautiful decorations) wanted to create a wedding which fits us as a couple and they wanted to try out new things rather than stick to the usual, which fitted us very well. Anna prepared a detailed presentation for the decorations, so we could imagine exactly how it would look like at the ceremony and at the restaurant, and again we were impressed!

On our wedding day, everything was perfect! We didn’t have to worry about the organization and we could just relax and enjoy the day. Irina and her team arrived early and everyone from the team was lovely – our photographer, videographer, makeup artists, the host, and the additional assistants were all so friendly and making us feel relaxed. The entire day we felt at ease and able to be ourselves with our family and friends.


Everyone’s favorite part was definitely the wedding ceremony! Irina made the ceremony so beautiful and personal, no eyes remained dry by the end of it! Later at the restaurant we learnt that Irina has also helped our families to arrange small surprises for us throughout the evening.

After the wedding almost every guest came to us saying how amazed they were with Irina, which is such a big compliment. Only after the wedding we realized how much she did for us. Thinking about all the memories we have made and seeing the videos and photos a few months later we can only be super grateful and thankful for Irina's help. She puts her soul into the work she did for our wedding. She knows great people to work with and she communicates openly and caters her approach to each couple. Thank you so much Irina and your team for making our wedding the most amazing day of our lives, making it exactly how we imagined it to be!